I have several projects that I am writing up for publication. My research interests include thanatology (both current and ancient views on death and burial), mummies, epidemic disease in the past, the archaeology of the Americas, body modification, gender, biomolecular archaeology, and museum studies focusing on collections management and display of human remains.

Current projects-message me if you want more info!

Ethics of human remains and displaying the dead – check out my joint project –

Evaluation and documentation of Peruvian mummy bundles in collections outside of South America

Modifying the body in life and death: overmodeled skulls and decorating the dead

Death and dying in the Inka Period (1400AD-1532AD): epidemic disease

Castration in the archaeological record

Gender and the archaeology of death


 I have technological proficiency in the following areas for research:

  • Osteological and paleopathological analyses of human and mummified remains, faunal remains, wet specimens
  • Digital Data Capture including XRF, SEM, CT scanning and radiography, 3D scanning/printing
  • Biomolecular analyses in archaeology (dental calculus, stable isotope analysis)
  • Conservation and preparation of objects for preservation and exhibition